“Nothing has changed. There is no news on the end of negotiations. As I mentioned, Patric and I are on a good path,” Bruins general manager Don Sweeney said recently. Patrice Bergeron’s contract extension is on his mind. Does it give hope to the Olomouc Sea?

Not really. The Roosters are hoping for the star centre’s return, but he has made it clear he will think things over after his flight to the United States and could leave altogether. But now he is really talking with the Bruins, which is confirmed by experts and, for example, the post of Krejčí’s girl on Instagram.

Krejci and his wife attended a Boston Red Sox baseball game together, as evidenced by a days-old photo from Fanway Park. The comments under the photo welcome the Czech center back. In Boston, or even in the Bruins organization?

Earlier in the week, Boston insider Lou Meloni and former NHL goalie and ESPN analyst Kevin Weeks commented on Krejčí’s return. The striker must negotiate a one-year contract with the club. “Salary is low with bonus incentives,” nhlrumours.com wrote.

But money should not play a big role in Krejčí’s case.

In any case, Bruins fans have been talking about nothing but David Krejčí and Patrice Bergeron’s contract extension returns on social media these past few days. It’s also possible that Boston only has to pick one of them because of the salary cap.