Controversial American basketball player Rodman plans to visit Russia

Griner’s lawyers have appealed the decision, and it is known that there are currently closed talks between Washington and Moscow about a possible exchange of prisoners, which includes the American basketball player.

A Russian court has sent American basketball player Griner to nine years in prison


However, Rodman told NBC over the weekend that he wanted to go to Russia in person to secure Griner’s release. “I got permission to go to Russia and help that girl,” Rodman said. He did not specify who gave him permission to visit Russia.

Rodman’s travels to the DPRK

Sixty-one-year-old Rodman describes himself as a “basketball ambassador.” In 2014, President Vladimir Putin invited him to Russia, and Rodman described the Kremlin leader as “cool.” Rodman also visited North Korea repeatedly and befriended its leader, Kim, who was a big NBA fan. Regarding American Kenneth Bae, who is imprisoned in the DPRK, Rodman said he deserved his punishment. However, Bae later claimed that Rodman played a role in his release.

Basketball player Rodman returns to North Korea to visit his “friend” Kim


Dennis Rodman was one of the best pivots in the NBA of his time and won the title of champion in this competition five times. But he also attracted attention with many romances, alcoholic escapades and conflicts with the police.

Rodman underwent alcohol treatment after visiting the DPRK


Grinerová is a two-time Olympic champion, in the United States she is among the stars of the WNBA, and with the Russian Yekaterinburg she won the European League four times.

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