Crazy shots from Croatia. The fan fires at the players with the rocket launcher

The football regional competition match in Croatia brought scenes that were hard to believe. Footage of a fan shooting players from a rocket launcher during the NK Plitvice – NK Sokolac match is circulating on the Internet.

The authenticity of the footage was confirmed to the most popular Croatian news website by Vladimir Romič, an official of the regional football association.

“Yes, the incident occurred. We have started disciplinary proceedings with the organizing club, we are demanding the statement of the delegate, the referee and the representative of both clubs,” said the secretary of the Lika-Senjska County Football Association.

The video shows a fan firing a gun at Zolja onto the pitch. According to the Croatian website, it is a light rocket launcher designed to destroy armored vehicles: It fires 64 millimeter projectiles that can penetrate up to 300 millimeters of steel.

If the missile does not hit the target within four to six seconds, it will explode. That happened in this case too, fortunately no one was injured in the explosion.

Croatian police confirmed to the 24sata newspaper that they had started looking into the incident based on the published footage. However, according to the head of the home club, Milan Jakovljevic, this is an old video. “I don’t know when it happened, I wouldn’t want to get into it. But I think it’s not a new thing. I don’t want to comment on it,” he said.

The chairman of Sokolac, Ivica Perkovič, did not want to comment on the incident, as he was not at the meeting in person. However, no unusual event is said to have been noted in the minutes of the match.

The match itself of the fifth highest Croatian competition was won by Sokolac 4:1.

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