Czechia – Hungary 79:82, The defeat against the Hungarians has the possibility of progressing to the World Cup and causes embarrassment before the European Championship

In the stormy background of the Chomutov hall, the Czechs started an effective game through pivots, Veselý and Balvín took a 7:3 lead. But Hungary’s three-point whirlwind and the national team’s noticeable problems in defense, which facilitated the opponent’s offensive rebound, brought the points to a level relatively quickly.

In attack, the representatives did not have such problems thanks to the impeccable shooting of the substitute Auda, but due to bad movements while defending and other inconsistencies under their own basket, they were unable to remove the Hungarian offensive. Hanga (20 points and 12 rebounds) led the visitors’ game in this direction.

On the home side, the absence of Satoranský (ankle), Krejčí (intercostal muscle) and Bohačík (fading virus) is noticeable. After a quarter of an hour, the disadvantage of the national team was 35:39, which allowed the opponent to not only convert five three-pointers, but also made the game easier for them by losing the ball by seven times.

When the emphatic words of coach Ginzburg at the time-out fell on fertile ground, within three minutes came the nine points of the Czech team. Captain Hruban ordered him, but the hope of improving the performance lasted only for a while. The Hungarians responded with seven consecutive points at the end of the second quarter, and the home team lost 44:47 in the middle of the game.

In the third period, however, Veselý began to take more responsibility, the more accurate defense sometimes allowing the representatives to implement a quick attack. There was a huge tug-of-war on the score, with the Czechs relying on Hruban’s accurate hand. But there was no way to stop Hanga, the main part of the Euroleague Real Madrid, and under pressure on the ball, the home team’s game effort fell.

Photo: Jan Šťastný, CTK

From left, Tomáš Kyzlink from the Czech Republic and Zoltán Perl from Hungary.Picture: Jan ŠťastnýCTK

In the eight minutes of the last quarter, the representatives scored only seven points, when neither Sehnal nor Půlpán could provide a dynamic passing game and the pivots also ran out of breath. A total of twelve Czech losses were very unsatisfactory, Hungary did not miss as many.

Two minutes before the end, the score was 72:79, which was critical for the national team. Unfortunately, he didn’t even rely on free throws, with the success rate dropping to sixty percent. Hruban’s two triples brought the score to 78:81, but only twenty-five seconds remained.

Photo: Jan Šťastný, CTK

From left, Zoltán Perl from Hungary and Jan Veselý from the Czech Republic.Picture: Jan ŠťastnýCTK

Besides, the ball is in the Hungarians’ court. Although they did not finish the attack, they used up the entire time limit and the Czech team was in disarray. The fouled Hruban gave the first six and tried to shoot the second, but the representatives were completely unable to cope with the rebound. The ball was seized by Hanga, who converted a free throw two seconds before the end, completing the task of Czech destruction.

WC 2023 qualification for basketball players – group K in Chomutov:
Czechia – Hungary 79:82
Most points: Hruban 26, Balvín 15, Veselý 13, Auda 10, Kyzlink and Peterka 6 each – Hanga 20, Hopkins and Perl 10 each, Keller and Varadi 8 each, Benke 7, quarters 23:23, 21 :24, 21: 15, 14:20.
Next match:
Lithuania – Montenegro 90:73,
Bosnia and Herzegovina-France 96:90 after the second overtime.
1. Lithuania 8 7 1 640:572 15
2. France 8 6 2 649:499 14
3. Montenegro 8 5 3 625:587 13
4. Bosnia and Herzegovina 8 4 4 637:664 12
5. Hungary 8 4 4 559:636 12
6. Czechia 8 3 5 624:660 11

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