Greek basketball players will have Adetokunba in ME

The championship, whose main group D will take place in Prague, is scheduled from September 1 to 18. The Greeks, who won two awards for the most important NBA players in 2020 and 2021, will play in Group C of Milan with Italians, Croatians, Ukrainians, British and Estonians, and if promoted, Dimitris Itudis’s men will be potential. opponents of the Czech team in the first round of the playoffs.

Included in the Czech national team where the Greeks have outstanding accounts from the World Cup in 2019, where at the end of the round of 16 in a mutual match, Adetokunbo et al. they won 84:77, but they needed a bigger margin and in the end, in the mini-table with the Czechs and Brazilians, there was no place left for them to advance to the quarterfinals. And the star of the Greek team, who did not finish the main match with five fouls at that time, took the elimination hard.

“I’m annoyed, I’m angry. But everything happens for a reason. You try to take the good and the bad from every competition you play and try to improve. So when you’re in the same situation again, you’ll know what to do. The national team of Greece…, we’re not done yet,” the Eurohoops server quoted Adetokunba as saying then after returning to Milwaukee’s camp. The basketball portal also pointed out that Adetokunbo will complete this year’s summer training in the jersey of the Greek national team.

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