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Lidovky.cz: Why did MLB initially decide to play two of its duels in Europe and why did it choose London?
That’s a question for MLB. But when I was at MLB headquarters in New York in 2015, we talked about the benefits of promoting baseball in Europe. Nothing is better than the lives of two absolutely iconic Major League Baseball teams, the New York Yankees versus the Boston Red Sox. Nejvt rivals they soute. Of course, we prefer Prague as an application city. But I think London is a good choice. In addition, they have NFL experience. Looks like MLB is finally bringing Europe outside.

Lidovky.cz: What preceded this decision?
We weren’t part of the decision-making process, but it was definitely a carefully developed business plan. And how km, vbr tm could not be better. According to some information, the Netherlands was originally considered, but London is more likely.

Lidovky.cz: How attractive is Europe for MLB from the perspective of fans, fans and the market? Where is the best baseball game?
In his change meeting, I said that MLB’s performance in Europe was the worst of the big sports (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB). I expected them to worship somewhere, but strangely enough they said it was true. I think there will be two clear answers in London at the weekend. I really wish there were more Europeans on MLB teams, that would help the market a lot. But it’s up to us how we raise and prepare our game. In Europe, baseball is strong in Italy and Holland, but I don’t think Germany and the Czech Republic are far behind.

Marek Rejman.

Lidovky.cz: And what about the rest of the world?
In Japan, baseball is the national sport, as in some Asian countries. In America, football is followed by baseball, and it is rising in Australia. Europe is really quite lame. But there is a famous World Baseball Classic tournament for indigenous teams, MLB professionals also play here, and there teams from Europe perform well. I’m just sad that Europe is only one place in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Lidovky.cz: The NHL and NBA introduced themselves to Europe a few years ago. Why doesn’t MLB come out on dv?
So is the NFL. My view is that MLB has failed to capture Europe. It’s not just about darkness and horror, but also selling TV shows. I don’t know the exact reason. But the most important thing is that it will happen this weekend.

Lidovky.cz: A few years ago, it was rumored that this competition would even form a European division, although in the end it came to nothing. Are they both loaded with MLB, or will it remain a purely American affair?
Yes, I heard. But it’s pointless. In MLB, the dog plays 150 zpas per season. I can’t imagine the costs.

Lidovky.cz: Will the number of games from Europe or other parts of the world also increase in MLB?
Nope. But I hope more games with an MLB experience come to Europe. Actually, I wish I went to the Czech Republic. This year Drakm Brno succeeded. They acquired pitcher Peter Moylan, who played twelve seasons in the MLB. He is Australian by the way. This is a big event for n baseball. Although I think that it is a big success. But that doesn’t mean these professionals will flock to them. Maybe we need to set semi-professional conditions in our clubs. And that meant completely changing my mind.

Baseball player Martin Ervenka

Lidovky.cz: How is the popularity of baseball developing in the Czech Republic?
I have a big baby girl, it’s great. On the other hand, we have enough pension mistakes to build infrastructure. It goes hand in hand. So, for better promotion and presentation of baseball, this year I made an agreement with MLB and bought the first television for the Czech Republic. We broadcast two matches a week on O2 TV Sport. Let’s pick the games that are played in the afternoon American time, so we can offer the game broadcast times around 8:00 pm I’ll eat them.

Lidovky.cz: Martin Ervenka has been trying to break into the main MLB team for several years. How close is the time when it will be given to an echo?
The fact that Martin was invited to the Baltimore Orioles’ A team during spring training camp was the sporting event of the year. It’s a shame we don’t do that. Because it’s just a training camp. There is so much competition in his position that we can only imagine it. The dog road to MLB is a long one. It’s kind of about tst. I know that he plays from Czech Republic in MLB.

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