Hlavé Pardubice and Satoranský lead. We are on our way to success, reports Vyoral

Pardubice Arena has already witnessed some important victories of the Czech basketball team. Coach Ronen Ginzburg’s men will have another chance to score in a famous atmosphere on Friday night in the qualifying match against Bosnia and Herzegovina. “The fans know that we have almost all the biggest stars here. I hope that many of them will come and create the best possible atmosphere,” said Tomáš Vyoral.

Although the highest domestic basketball competition is played in Pardubice which is quite far from the arena of the big city, the scene of Friday’s match, Tomáš Vyoral will still enjoy his home environment. “We are used to the hall. We don’t consider it our home, but we probably played the most national team matches there. Basketball fans in Pardubice are really hungry,” said the 29-year-old Beksy point guard.

The qualifying win against Russia made history when a record 8,438 fans came to basketball in 2018. “Just now, when there are no sports, many people can come,” Vyoral hoped.

The driver of the East Bohemian team is again in the national team, preparing for important qualifying matches with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Lithuania in Poděbrady. “We’re all looking forward to it, we’ll be playing in front of our own fans for a long time and almost with the strongest line-up. This is the best invitation for the spectators,” he said after Wednesday’s practice session.

Even at the age of twenty-nine, he is gathering experience at national team meetings, jumping into matches from the bench. “Even though I have a minimum of minutes here, I try to use it as much as possible and I’m glad that I can train with the best players in the Czech Republic,” he said.

Tomáš Satoranský in the jersey of the Czech basketball team, he will again be a key figure in the qualifying match

Tomáš Satoranský in the jersey of the Czech basketball team, he will again be a key figure in the qualifying match

Within days, he was meeting with former NBA player Tomáš Satoranský on the board. “Saty is playful, he wants to win no matter what happens. And it’s great for the rest of us, because it will bring new energy. He’s one of the best quarterbacks in Europe, and when you meet him every day in training, it’s great,” he confirmed.

He still remembers the opening match of the qualification for the World Championship, when the Czech team lost in Sarajevo 90:97. “We played the match very well, we were leading at halftime. In the second half, Bosnia attacked us and completely blew us away. If we play at the same pace as the first half there, we should beat them. And possibly even a bigger difference,” he said confidently.

If the Czech team wins by 14 points, progress will be guaranteed if Lithuania wins against Bulgaria. “First of all, we will go for victory. Even if it’s just one point in the end, the important thing is to win,” said Vyoral.

Even in the event that progress is decided only during the game round on Monday, the Czech’s chance is still open. The Czechs set themselves the goal of winning even on the land of the favored Lithuania. “It’s incredibly balanced in Europe, anyone can beat anyone. And we definitely have a chance to win in Bosnia and in Lithuania,” concluded Vyoral.

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