Hruban left Nymburk after ten years

“Of course, we want to continue Vojta Hruban in our jersey, but in ten years in Nymburk, he has grown into a player of European caliber, and it is a logical conclusion that he is looking for a foreign challenge. We want him to fully demonstrate the experience gained in Nymburk, in addition to the national team, also abroad,” said Nymburk CEO Ondřej Šimeček.

Hruban has worked with Nymburk since 2012. He won nine championship titles with him and was the most valuable player of the final series three times. He played 591 games for Nymburk and is the second best scorer in the club’s history with 6405 points. Only 40-year-old pivot Petr Benda scored more points in the Central Bohemian team.

The native of Prague also started in the Champions League, where he was recorded as the best scorer in the history of the competition. In the 2019/20 season, he made the perfect lineup for the whole year. “He has made an indelible mark in the history of Nymburk basketball, and we will see if the last season was his last chapter, or if he will add another chapter in the future,” said Šimeček.

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Law

Vojtěch Hruban (left) and Ondřej Balvín at Václav Havel Airport in Prague.Picture: Vlastimil VacekThat’s right

At the age of 32, the former USK Praha player is starting his first career abroad. “I am grateful to the management of the club for giving me the opportunity in 2012 and allowing me to play elite European basketball. To the coaches who made me a better player and person. To the fans who always supported us, even the things did not go well. . And above all, I want to thank all my teammates, with whom we experienced a lot. It was very strange to go to the dressing room where Petr Benda and Martin Kříž are no longer sitting,” said Hruban , which is also reported. interested in Málaga or the Turkish team Tofas Bursa.

His new club has been playing in the top flight since 2012 and has won one championship title and two silver medals. In the last two seasons, he did not qualify for the Champions League and last year he played in the FIBA​​​​​​EuropeCup. In addition to Hruban, Greek pivot with NBA experience Kostas Kufas, point guard and Champions League winner Kareem Queeley and star of the British national team Ovie Soko also joined the team.

“In the summer, I had several offers on the table from very good teams in Europe. Then came one from the London Lions, which swept everything off the table. They are a young and ambitious club that wants to establish themselves in the European cups. The team is composed interestingly and I like the whole project. We, as a family, also liked London as a place to live. After this offer, there is nothing more to deal with. Looking forward I have new challenges, matches, a good season in the EuroCup and hopefully add a British one to the many Czech titles ” said Hruban.

Nymburk will have to deal with another big loss in a few days. Slovenian coach Aleksander Sekulić left the Central Bohemian club on Wednesday, agreeing to terminate the contract and head to Krasnodar. Quarterback Colbey Ross, who left for Varese, will no longer work with the team.

“This is also an opportunity for us to start building a new team and to give space to other players to grow into unique personalities, such as Vojta Hruban. to be competitive in Europe ” added Šimeček.

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