It was a highlight at the beginning of the season. We have to force everything on ourselves

27 minutes ago, 17.09.2022 13:42
photo: SK Slavia Prague
Czech League

Slavia Prague is waiting for a match on Sunday from 19:00 at the ground of the reigning champion from Pilsen. Both teams have a tough week behind them, where they played in the European cups. What did “Sešívaný” coach Jindřich Trpišovský say before the ninth round hit?

“Of course we are looking forward to it, it is a big game, one of the highlights of the league. He plays the first with the second. Such matches are special, it is a highlight of the league at the beginning of the season. At the same time, this is the last match before the referee break. we have to squeeze everything we have,’ Coach Jindřich Trpišovský is looking forward to the “Czech battle of autumn”.

His team was the last to beat Michal Bílek’s ward. But that was last October, when Slavia beat Pilsen 2:0 at home in Eden. From then on, however, the people of Prague could not find a cure for Viktoria, and although they led each time in the next two duels, the matches ended in a one-goal draw.

“The question is whether a quick goal will be scored. I think it will be similar to the game we played there in the spring. Careful, we scored after a free kick, they equalized after corner kick. Both goals were scored after a penalty kick. Pilsen has its own style, so do we. It’s about who can better impose their style on the opponent.” predicts Trpišovský.

He is not entirely satisfied with the serious injury of striker Ivan Schranz from Thursday’s winning match against Ballkani (3:2). At the end of the match, the Slovakian representative was hit with a knee to the temple by an opponent. A CT scan of the brain and cervical spine at ÚVN then showed a fracture of the temporal bone, orbit and sixth cervical vertebra. “Ivan and I wrote in the evening, his condition is rapidly deteriorating. The head and cervical vertebra are seriously injured, and such is the situation on the field. It is difficult news for us and for him. We all wish him a speedy recovery recovery and hope to see him soon. We will be of the utmost assistance in his treatment.” frowned Trpišovský, who in addition to Schranz had captain Tomáš Holeš unavailable in Pilsen. On the contrary, the good news is the possible return of the trio of Eduardo Santos, Matěj Jurásek and Petr Ševčík.

“Eduardo has already trained with a team that has not been loaded in a match. He will prepare for Sunday. Matěj Jurásek has joined, with the same problems. Petr Ševčík has finished lighter training, so there is a chance to they will come back. Every day is a plus for us and we’ll see what part of the fight they can handle,” Tprišovský encouraged the fans ahead of the crucial match on the club’s website.

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