Ivan Schranz remains in hospital. What problems did the analysis show?

In the European Conference League match between Slavia and the Kosovo team FC Ballkani, there were less pleasant events besides the goals. Fifteen minutes before the end, after contact, Ivan Schranz found himself on the ground, and accidentally bumped into an opponent. Plus a knee to the head. And there was trouble in the world.

But at first glance it doesn’t seem like it. Although Schranz left the field on a stretcher, he gave a thumbs-up as a sign of good health and held his daughter in the stadium for several minutes after contact. But the course of events quickly changed.

The Slovakian representative began to feel dizzy, so he went to the Central Military Hospital for an examination. It revealed a cracked eye socket, temporal bone and even a fractured sixth cervical vertebra. Injuries that are in no way incompatible with any sporting activity.

Schranz remains hospitalized at ÚVN in the department of neurosurgery, where he may stay for several days. According to the first information, the Slavist player will be out for at least six weeks. But a longer break from football can be expected.

In other words, thanks to the World Championship in Qatar, the fall phase is a thing of the past for the Slovak. However, the quality of Jindřich Trpišovský’s team should cope with the situation. Even though the man who helped Slavia advance to the EKL is gone.

Czech football remembers injuries like his. We don’t have to go any further and look for Slavia’s match with Rangers from March 2021. Ondřej Kolář suffered a frontal bone fracture and, following the example of Petr Čech, had to return to goal with a helmet.

And it was Czech that was another case of dangerous play around the opponent’s head. The former player of the Czech national team came to the brink of death, but in the end he managed his fight and with a helmet on his head he got many good fights. Hopefully Schranz adds a lot of games and the head injury doesn’t have long-term consequences.

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