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Fall fashion is among the most colorful. This period directly encourages layering and combining materials. In addition, textures rule this year. British-style corduroy trousers and quilted jackets will be worn.

The color palette will be taken in shades of brown, cinnamon and kerosene. But there is also an opposite in the form of yellow.

Image: company archive

From left: Jacket, Peak Performance, CZK 5,699. Sweatshirt, s.Oliver, CZK 999. Jacket, H&M, CZK 1,499. Corduroy pants, s.Oliver, 1999 CZK. Suit pants, H&M, 949 CZK

Loose silhouettes are the rule. Passé is skinny pants and jeans. Instead, straight cut and wide trousers are worn. The same goes for blazers and jackets. Don’t be afraid to give the big models a chance.

Brad Pitt bet on a new fashion trend – men’s skirts


Image: company archive

Image description, s.Oliver

Image: company archive

From left: Shirt, s.Oliver, 999 CZK. Sweater, s.Oliver, CZK 1,399. Sweatshirt, s.Oliver, CZK 999. Pants, Gant, 4299 CZK

Flowers, moving from women’s wardrobes to men’s wardrobes, are a unique trend. It is worn with both shirts and sweatshirts.

Image: company archive

From left: Jacket, s.Oliver, 3999 CZK. Sweatshirt, Gant, CZK 3999. Jacket, Gant, 6789 CZK. T-shirt, Gant, CZK 3999. Backpack, Fjällräven, 2490 CZK. Shoes, H&M, 949 CZK

As fall cools down, grab a timeless bomber or aviator style jacket.

Image: company archive

From left: Jacket, s.Oliver, 2499 CZK. Basketball jacket, H&M, CZK 2499. Light jacket, Gant, estimated price CZK 6,000. Sweatshirt, H&M, 949 CZK. Jacket, H&M, CZK 1,299

Stylish accessories

Accessories can elevate any look to a new level, and this is doubly true for men’s wardrobes.

The basis should be a high-quality leather bag or backpack, which can comfortably fit a laptop and everything needed for everyday life.

Sportswear for all seasons


Do not neglect the choice of shoes. You should not miss ankle boots in your shoe collection, either classic or those with a modern twist and trendy sneakers or slip-ons. If you are not sure about the choice, bet on neutral colors that are easy to combine and will not go out of fashion.

Image: company archive

Slip-ons, Toms (sold by Urbanlux), 1999 CZK. Slippers, Crocs (sold by Urbanlux), 1960 CZK. White ankle boots, Vasky, CZK 2799. Brown ankle boots, Toms (sold by Urbanlux), 3230 CZK. Backpack, Vasky, 8999 CZK. Bag, Fjällräven, 1890 CZK. Sneakers, New Balance, CZK 3099

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