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On the old continent, the elite athletes laughed at the Atlantic dogs, they were difficult to attack in dogfights, and I did not choose to break the warehouses of the guards. But what if one of the burly athletes shakes his hand and sends me wild with an outstretched hand? We’ll see you at the weekend.

Rafael Devers, who runs around the net, in London thorn Boston Red Socks.

The American baseball league Major League Baseball (MLB) will now visit London, moving two of its base games there. And immediately he took out the trumpets. Englishmen think of the two teams as belonging to baseball as Barcelona and Real Madrid are to football. Boston will be represented by the legendary Red Sox, New York will be represented by the world famous Yankees.

In addition, the two teams are united by a century of tradition of rivalry, which began in 1919, the most famous game in history, Babe Ruth first went to New York from Boston, which paved the way for this transition to Major. League. The first American sports rivalry is coming to London, announced the European branch of MLB American television CNBC.

Pension and in the first place

How about a baseball show in Europe pvd? Like other sports, this is the main business. That is why the dog needs to appreciate the most important signs. Experts estimate the Boston Red Sox at $2.7 billion, the New York Yankees at even $4.6 billion. Just for comparison – the most important European football club, Real Madrid, is worth only 4.2 billion dollars.

Tom’s photo of the New York Yankees at the London Olympic Stadium.

I’m eating pie from above. Hal Steinbrenner and John Henry are friends, MLB Rob Manfred revealed, and the impetus came from the owner of both clubs. It is not surprising that the choice fell on England. John Henry, the owner of the Red Sox, also owns the current European football champions from Liverpool.

For MLB, a quarter of a billion and rich Europe is an untapped market, where they don’t exactly sell shirts, polo shirts and metal bench tables. Unfortunately, both weekends were sold out. The Germans were not deterred even by the high price – the cheapest tricks were sold for six and a half thousand crowns.

Friday and pl time? Take it slowly

In other words, Yankees and Red Sox saves are famous for their length. They have experienced darkness a lot. There is also the potential for a five-and-a-half-hour game, John Boyd, editor of the British Baseball and Softball Association, assessed for CNN.

According to him, many people come to London mainly to taste the real America. You can’t put it in mountains of French fries and hotdogs. If you’re going to fill an entire stadium with a new generation of fans who drink the Yankees logo to look cool, may I ask? Boyd asked.

MLB will need to find a functional model for the European fan, who typically watches the sport itself rather than the advertising program, that will keep European fans looking for more for years to come. If the Americans can pull it off, it could be a real home run for the sport of long shots and sprint finishers.

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