Notes: Patron of F-evolution is looking for a name to one day replace Fousko

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It has really started. Competitions under the Steering Committee for the Czech Republic, such as the ČFL and the Czech Division, have already started, but the refereeing committee has not yet been established in this segment.

The initial proposal of the post-Berbers, which their leading representative Slavomír Kozel also thought of, did not find support in Fouska’s FAČR executive committee. The others didn’t succeed either, so it’s like provisional again. And the referees will be in charge of a working group composed of Václav Hartman, a member of the Příhoda league commission of referees.

As for the FAČR Ethics Commission, it finally met again on August 11, but suspended its session until Thursday, August 25, and has not yet released any news from the disciplinary investigation based on the Šváb police file on Roman Bebra and his cronies.

The FAČR general meeting in June is still fresh in my mind. The latter did not accept the draft of the new laws and confirmed the division of the Czech chamber into antagonistic camps of post-Berbers and f-evolutionists, while the current FAČR leadership found support especially in the closed Moravian chamber.

We remind you that according to the resolution of this general meeting, the executive committee must submit a proposal for the next procedure for using the Evžen Rošický Stadium at the end of November. This type of request assumes that the topic will be discussed at the next general meeting, which we can probably predict sometime in January.

The leadership of F-evolution does not hide their dissatisfaction with the slow pace of reforms. Progressives gradually tried to recall FAČR general secretary Michal Valtr, then Czech vice-president Jan Richter and ŘKČ chairman Martin Drobný. In all cases, these efforts failed.

However, F-evolution continues to heat the boilers, and one of its leaders, Milan Kratina, who also finances F-evolution, continues his anti-Fouska rhetoric. Already in the summer, he compared the chairman of FAČR to the waterman Kebule, who, like in Václav Čtvrtek’s fairy tales, only cooks fog.

If he gets the chance, F-evolution will gladly choose Fouska, who doesn’t meet his expectations. In addition to opportunity, however, he will also need enough votes and the right anti-candidate.

Petr Fousek was elected for a four-year term in the summer of 2021. According to the laws, he can hypothetically be dismissed at any time, if the conditions specified by the laws are met.

We remind you that thanks to the Moravian and f-evolutionary votes, Fousek defeated the conservative candidate Karel Poborský in the elections. Although Fousek called on him in the media to leave his position as an employee of FAČR, international Poborský does nothing about it and continues to work in the youth department.

It is doubtful whether he will be convinced to run again in the next election. For the leader of the conservatives, Adolf Šádek, the candidacy will only be considered if he sells Viktoria Plzeň. And for Miroslav Pelta, if he is acquitted of his criminal case, which, for now, looks more like a criminal than a return to the limelight.

This football-political camp pushed for the candidacy of lawyer Bronislav Šerák a year ago, and the engagement of Dagmar Damková, a member of the FIFA and UEFA referee commissions, cannot be ruled out. Alternatively, the leader of the league, Dušan Svoboda, is ready to handle an absolutely unlimited number of football functions.

In contrast, who can offer f-evolutionists? Vladimír Šmicer has grown weary of politics and has repeatedly made it known that he only intends to deal with the sporting side of things. Billionaire Milan Kratina is unlikely to run in person in the presidential election. And so, with his team of collaborators, he is looking for a neutral candidate.

In this context, he mentioned Dariusz Jakubowicz, the owner of the Bohemians, who, in his opinion, would not oppose Sparta or Slavia. But it is unlikely that he himself will stand for the position of FAČR chairman and have time for it apart from his business.

Another talking point of Kratina and his team is Günter Bittengel, a former representative and later the sports director of Dukla Prague. With all due respect, he doesn’t exactly present himself as a leader fit for governing a whopping half a million members.

Neither Pavel Nedvěd nor Petr Čech have been involved in the Czech riots, so it seems Petr Fousek can stay calm for now. A strong opponent has yet to appear anywhere on the horizon. Yet.

Magician of the Week: Joan Laporta

Football president Barcelona has played a massive game in recent weeks and months.

The club has a debt of 1.3 billion euros, last year they had to give up the services of Lionel Messi. And the old new president of the Laporta club is looking for ways to get the Catalan pearl out of this maze. The future will show if he chose the right route or if, on the contrary, he will complete the disaster.

Instead of saving, Laporta invests, selling the club’s future television and marketing rights or production shares Barca Studios. And he keeps buying stars. The most indebted Barcelona is, paradoxically, the most active entity in the transfer market.

Robert Lewandowski (€45 million), Raphinha (58), Jules Koundé (50), along with Franck Kessié and Andreas Christensen arrived for free.

With what Laporta played, he was not only the magician of the week, but of the five-year-old. The drama of the week took place in the sense that Barca, with the exception of Koundé, got them on their roster for the first match of the new season of the Spanish La Liga after all. Its strict regulatory rules are the biggest complication for the realization of Laporte’s plans. For each expenditure, he must record some economic payoff or a significant saving.

I continue to recommend Jiří Vencovský’s Facebook post on the Football Fanatic account as the clearest summary of the package of Barcelona’s problems and Laporto’s solutions.

Barcelona bet that in order to save itself, it cannot fall into the ordinary and must present itself as magnificent, shiny, perfect.

Even its economy did not match it in any measure. Most Barca fans applaud for this strategy, but the world around is not surprised enough.

“How can a club with no money buy players?” repeatedly asked Bayern Munich officials. And Rafael van der Vaart, a former Real Madrid player, even called Laporte’s management of Barca a mafia.

Above all, in relation to the pressure on his compatriot Frenkie de Jong, who Barcelona wants to sell in order to free up additional funds. But at the same time, de Jong does not want to change what Laporte’s predecessors promised him and most of all contracted him.

In any case, Barcelona still have a great adventure ahead of them.

Hits of the week

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Valachova in court? There may be an interesting change in the Pelt subsidy case, colleague Radek Nohl found out.

Tweet of the week

When one of the richest men on the planet splurged on buying Manchester United football club, it caused quite a stir. So it is generally believed to be a joke. But with Elon Musk, you never know…

What they hit elsewhere

Charges in case of Disinfection. In connection with the Disinfection case, where the suspicion of tunneling of FAČR funds arose, six individuals and four legal entities were charged. (iRadio)

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The World Junior Hockey Championship was played in the hottest month of the year, but the Czechs shined against the USA. The preliminaries of the European football cups belong more to the hot summer, let’s keep our fingers crossed, hopefully we will succeed on this front as well.

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