Photo: Los Angeles Lakers win basketball camp from Cologne

All participants are divided into six teams named after NBA teams (Chicago Bulls, Oklahoma City Thunder, Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors) and, following the model of a basketball competition abroad, they first go through the regular season games and then the playoffs, which are the culmination of a week-long rivalry. The individual teams performed tasks according to the so-called Olympics (shooting, water, knowledge, artistic, non-traditional sports…), where they got points for the score sheet, important for the final evaluation .

There was also competition in various sports, football, baseball, beach handball and, of course, basketball. But that is far from all. The camp-wide game includes a night or day battle, Death Trail (don’t worry, it’s a creepy name) and many other competitions. The whole game is combined with the legend of “The Quest for the Spear of Destiny”.

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The president of the BC Kolín club, Martin Burič, who is the main driving force behind the entire camp, ensures that the basketball youth devote themselves to activities other than sports, and creates ideas, individuals games and stages of the entire camp. In this spirit, all the participants moved themselves in time and space to the region of Asia Minor and completed a pilgrimage from the beginning of Christianity to the present. There could only be one winner, and in the end the Los Angeles Lakers team, consisting of Vojtěch Sýkora, Radim Konývka, Markéta Pithartová, Eliška Vomáčková, Sára Franzová, Jiří Kampe, Matěj Chobot, Adam Bukovský, rejoiced.

It is probably clear to everyone that during the competition for the traveling cup, where the young Bears will put all their strength and skills, something can be thrown here and there. Two nurses, Linda Franzová and Leona Mikešková, ensure that no illness limits anyone for too long and are ready to help at any time with a pill, plaster, bandage, or a touch or a kind word. All participants were motivated by the presence of young players of the A team, Lukáš Kosík, Tomáš Merta, Lukáš Vack. They attended several basketball camps in their childhood and are an example for the kids of how you can fight your way up to the Kooperativa NBL with honest work.

How many former

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The management of BC Kolín prepared another surprise for all participants. Captain “Ačka” Adam Číž gave the prizes to the best. Finally, I would like to thank all the organizers. In addition to the main engineer Martin Burič, general manager Miroslav Sodoma, Lucie Vetorová, David Machač, Filip Rytina, Zdeněk Žiško, Kateřina Macháčková, Petr Rylich, Jan Pacák, Michal Vlček, David Vetor, Lukáš Sychra, Martin Platzer, Jiří Horáček part in running the camp., Kryštof Nemčok, Tereza Vodičková and Jan Platzer.

A week full of competition, games and laughter flew by. Good memories will remain for everyone. And the one who didn’t win? It doesn’t matter, next year it could be completely different.

Author: BK Kolín

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