Příbram and its owner Jan Starka are accused in the case of disinfection, says Seznam Zprávy

According to the Seznam Zprávy server, the second division football club of Příbram and its owner Jan Starka are among the accused in the case of a dubious contract for the disinfection of stadiums.

In this case, the police charged six people and four legal entities with fraud and legalization of the proceeds of crime. Natural persons face imprisonment from two to eight years if convicted.

The case began two years ago under the former leadership of the Football Association of the Czech Republic (FAČR). In December 2020, the football association’s control and revision commission drew attention to irregularities surrounding the disinfection order.

Thanks to the fact that the police gave it the status of a broken legal entity, FAČR requested the possibility to access the criminal file.

In connection with the contract won by the company of former league player Jiří Tymich, criminal investigators intervened at the FAČR headquarters in February last year. Half a year before, a new affair took place with the former vice-chairman of the association, Roman Berbro, regarding corruption and influencing the results of matches.

Tymich’s company received 9.89 million crowns from FAČR for the disinfection of 90 stadiums. However, according to the findings of Radiožurnál in February, the money transfer documents show that many people redistributed it.

The association recovered most of the cost because it concluded a settlement agreement with the supplier. The company was left with almost 700 thousand crowns for the work done.

FAČR said on Thursday that none of its current employees were accused in the case. On the other hand, he indicated that Berbr, who was being prosecuted, was one of the accused.

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