Respect must be set aside. We have achieved the biggest goal to advance from the group and kaba n

yesterday, 15/09/2022 10:32
Jakub Šafka/1. FC Slovácko
photo: 1. FC Slovácko
European Cups

The team from Uherské Hradiště certainly cannot complain about the attractive draw in the group stage of the Conference League. The first historic promotion to the European cup was crowned by interesting rivals, and one of them was the Bundesliga’s Cologne. Coach Michal Svědík admitted that he originally liked other opponents, but he expected a confrontation between his charges and German football.

They will be outsiders on German soil, but they can certainly cause trouble and even surprise the home team. Slovácko has a complete squad available and only Tomič is missing from the cabin. This helps the coach, who can choose the perfect option, who can play against the Budnesliga opponent.

“We have several variants in the lineup. I think it’s always adapted to what we want to play in that match and what game we want to present ourselves. Coming here just to play is definitely not enough to us. We will definitely start with a good defense, because Kolín is a strong team, well prepared tactically and works based on team performance. There is super quality in their side because the whole Bundesliga is super competition. Whatever our starting line-up, we have to fight it and contribute more than usual performance. If we play well in the defensive phase, the offensive phase has something to do with it. But if we lose ball after ball, the opponent will create some pressure and then can benefit from it.” pilot Slovácka let herself be heard.

He is very much looking forward to facing German football, as he considers it one of the best in the world. “For me, the Bundesliga is a great competition and I have followed it for a long time. When I see the whole stadium and the football culture, I am very happy for the confrontation with German football. Especially when in this kind of environment. So I’m really looking forward to Cologne. As much as Kadlec wanted him, I had slightly different tips, but when we got him, I was happy.” continued the forty-eight-year-old coach.

He tries to prepare his charges for a challenging opponent, but more than anything he wants them to not have shaky knees when they enter the playing area. “That respect has to be there as soon as we are on the pitch. If we had it, for example, in Turkey, it could be similar. Respect must be put aside. We have reached the biggest goal, the promotion in the group, and now it is not need to be nervous. On the contrary, we should all enjoy it. But it should be supported by quality work and maximum possible performance,” witness concludes.

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