Satoranský appeared on the roster, basketball players ventured

“Tomas’ health is improving every day, although the recovery time is very short. After considering all the circumstances and risks, he decided to go and try it, and we all hope that his right ankle- ankle can’t handle it,” explained national team doctor Pavel Říman.

Coach Ronen Ginzburg is excited to bring back the biggest stars, though he suspects many question marks. “We don’t know yet if Saty will be ready for all the matches. In any case, I really appreciate all the efforts he made to get back into the team. Let’s see how he feels on Friday morning after a full training load, then we’ll start talking towards the match,” he muses.

“Tomáš certainly can’t have the kind of minutes we’re used to with him. But he should be in the game at this point. “It’s just a question of how much,” Žižman added. In any case, Ginzburg considers that Satoranski’s presence in the national team is important. “His influence on and off the field is great, so it’s good to have him here. he can’t Play for a while, I want him on the bench.”

Lukáš Palyza and Viktor Půlpán did not fit into the final roster of the Czech national team after being cut. “Especially for Palyza, it was a difficult decision. He is a player who has been part of the national team for ten years and is important to us, so telling him about the elimination before the tournament in Prague is one of the most difficult thing during my time in the national team, “the coach. thinking

Nomination of Czech team for EC in basketball
Name Post height year Club
Patrick Auda pivot 206 1989 Yokohama B Corsairs (JPN)
Ondrej Balvin pivot 217 1992 BC Prometheus (UKR)
Jaromír Bohačík wings 197 1992 Brose Bamberg (GER)
Vojtěch Hruban wings 202 1989 London Lions (GBR)
David Jelinek wings 196 1990 UCAM Murcia (ESP)
Vit Krejci (NBA) wings 202 2000 Oklahoma City Thunder
Martin Kriz pivot 200 1993 ERA Basketball Nymburk
Tomáš Kyzlink wings 198 1993 Brose Bamberg (GER)
Martin Peterka pivot 205 1995 Lowen Braunschweig (GER)
Tomáš Satoransky point guard 201 1991 FC Barcelona (ESP)
Ondrej Sehnal point guard 190 1997 Lowen Braunschweig (GER)
Jan Veselý pivot 213 1990 FC Barcelona (ESP)

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