Scandal in Tbilisi. Players fight, police attack. The Turks threatened to leave the Eurobasket


The player, who spent five seasons in the NBA in Philadelphia, was fouled by Duda Sanadz less than five minutes before the end of regular time with a score of 62:59 for Georgia. After a while, the two actors exchanged views. They had to be separated by teammates and referees, who then sent the desperadoes to the dressing room prematurely.

But that was only the beginning of the conflict. According to the statement of the Turkish expedition, the rest took place in the tunnel leading to the cabins.

“While Furkan Korkmaz was walking down the corridor to the dressing room with our coach, he was attacked by Georgian players not on the roster (including Tornike Šengelija), along with the suspended player (Sanadz) and the police,” announced the vice-president of the Turkish Federation, Ömer Onan.

At the end of extra time, Turkey’s coach Ergin Ataman, who complained about the judges’ verdicts, was also sent off for the decision situation.

“At the end of the match, we were threatened by thirty policemen. Yes, we had a fight with the official police of Georgia. I called FIBA​​​​​​​​​​​​ and told its representatives. Don’t let anyone lie and think that we is stupid . We want to see the camera records from the corridor minute by minute, without missing anything. If we don’t get those shots, we will withdraw from the tournament,” the vice president of Turkish basketball said dramatically.

Assistant coach Hakan Demir, who attended the press conference in place of the suspended Ataman, added:

“Today, the Georgian players and some security members humiliated us in the hall. We came here to play basketball. So everyone should stay on the court, but unfortunately there was a big scandal outside it. We still have two games in Georgia (along with Belgium and Spain) and unfortunately what happened in the corridors of the arena today is against the spirit of sport. We are very concerned about the security situation we experienced today.”

During the match on the pitch, the timer was started 4:48 minutes before the end and only stopped at 4:26. But the trio of judges Glišič (Serbia), Salinš (Latvia), and Zaščuk (Ukraine) left the ‘missing’ 22 seconds unnoticed.

“The fact that it was not just 1 or 2 seconds, but 22 (!) leads us to believe that this is not a mistake. We will also monitor it. We came to Georgia thinking that we will be a sister country . And we cannot understand what happened next,” Demir protested.

The matter is being investigated by the FIBA​​​​​​Europe federation.

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