Šiška: Personal statistics are secondary to me, I look for team success

I started playing basketball in first grade. Like almost every other boy in the country, I also flirted with football for a while, but basketball always came first. I was lucky that I was taught by Mr. Sokolovský and then by Mr. Švrdlík, the fathers of two successful players. They gave me a wonderful foundation to build on. I would also like to mention my father who introduced me to basketball and supported me throughout my career.

He brought home a bronze from the Olympics. Now the volleyball talent wants to establish himself in the Lions’ A team

There is a big age difference between you, but have you ever met David Machač there?

My first memory of David is from the Přerov camp, where he came as a player to pass on his experience to us. I remember that at that time it was a big deal for us, the beginning of the boys, and for me personally it was a motivation that even from Přerov you can get to the top competition.

How old were you when you started taking basketball seriously?

I started taking basketball more seriously when I first moved to Zlín when I was 14 years old. Here I was looked after by the Montenegrin coach Željko Živković, who had a great influence on me in my teenage years and from whom I absorbed the southern temperament and passion for basketball.

When did you know you could do something in basketball?

This went hand in hand with my advancement and achievement of several goals in my career. I couldn’t tell for a moment. However, moving to Zlín and leaving home is really important. In this step comes a commitment to achieve something.

So your next move to Brno is another step?

I felt that. In Brno, I spent another year in the U19 youth extraliga, where we won a bronze medal, and at the same time I started in the 1st men’s league, where we advanced to the highest competition. The second year at KNBL was decisive for me. I got a better chance on the field and the result was an offer from Děčín, which at that time achieved a historic victory – the final.

As you have already said, you moved from Brno to Děčín, where your career took off a lot. Surely you consider it a good decision in retrospect?

definitely! I got a lot of experience in Děčín, both positive and negative. I have experienced better and worse times, but I will definitely remember Děčín only in a good way. Both on the basketball side, and especially on the personal side. Three finals and many great people around me will never be erased from my memory.

Then all Bears fans will surely be interested in what you decided to go to Cologne, because the connection between Šiška and Děčín seems to be inseparable…

There are more to those elements, but the main reason is that I felt for a long time that I needed a change and a new impulse. Especially when the last three seasons were not completely successful, I decided that the best solution was to leave and I believe that this will help me and Děčín.

From the division football match Kolín - Velké Hamry

The slap helped. Kolín won three points in the bronze team field

Both Děčín and Kolín play very different styles of play. Aren’t you a little worried about that?

It is true that Kolín plays a more experienced style, but I consider it another challenge and I believe I can quickly adapt to Kolín’s playing style. After all, I’ve been in the league for a long time and I know what transfers between teams entail.

For the Bears, Adam Číž was in charge of the game. Won’t your arrival create a situation of two roosters in one heap?

I believe not. Two point guards playing together on the court is nothing new in basketball today. Plus, I dare say we play differently and opposing defenses are already thinking about how to defend this duo. I’m at the age where personal stats fall by the wayside and the desire for team success grows. I have no problem taking a back seat at the expense of the team, especially with the league MVP by my side.

Your teammate from Děčín, Jirka Jelínek, is also in the Kolín Bears squad. Did that play a role in your decision?

Jirka is a guarantee of a good atmosphere in the team and luck stays on his heels, so it played a certain role. I expect to fall prey to his tricks again.

What are your expectations from your time in Cologne?

I expect us to build on the improved form and successes of previous years. I believe we can make another medal and I’m not afraid to say that even a Bear can bite a Lion.

From the NBL playoff basketball match Kolín - Ústí nad Labem (86:94)

Cologne basketball players are on their way to Europe! They will play the Alpe Adria Cup

(Michal Vlček)

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