Slipped! Put on Big Win, baseball gets your blood pumping

It’s cold, it’s getting dark, and on top of the pandemic, when is it better to stay at home in the evening with a good movie or series. That’s why we give you an editorial tip every day that will save your search on your favorite streaming platform.

It’s white outside, the temperature is dropping, it’s time to remember summer, tank tops, short skirts and the sun, where there’s nowhere to hide. You will find yourself in a hot summer for about two hours. And not only will you be hot, but by the time this movie is over, you’ll want to grab a bat, put a cap on your head, and hit some targets.

The movie Great Victory is about the will, enthusiasm and desire to win. It was shot by director Penny Marshall in 1992, and famous names – actor Tom Hanks, actress Geena Davis or singer Madonna – were convinced to play the main roles.

The film takes the viewer back to 1943. In America, men are going to war, including a number of professional baseball players. Many minor league competitions were closed and to avoid the same fate as the major competitions, an idea was born – men in the popular sport would be replaced by women.

And so sports agents travel across the country, taking the future stars of women’s baseball off the family farms and off the gridiron. This did not bother them in any way, the liberation was just beginning, but even then the girls felt that they had more to do than milk the cows and make pies.

The main characters of the film are two sisters – the married Dottie, whose husband is in the foreground, and the younger Kit, who vainly tries to leave his shadow. After all, their relationship gets the most work in the storyline. The other female characters are also not left out, each bringing their share of sadness, joy, humor, but also tragedy to the story.

Although the performances of the actresses are impressive, after all, Geena Davis got a Golden Globe nomination for her role as Dottie, she is overshadowed in many places by one of the few men who appear in the film .

The great Tom Hanks seems born for the character of former professional baseball player Jimmy Dugan. You believe him without hesitation in the role of a star who had to abandon his brilliant career due to an injury and drowned his sorrows in alcohol. And it’s like you want to yell at him during one of his many hangovers to get out of the bathroom and see what great players he is.

A great achievement is not an intellectual spectacle. But it’s exactly the kind of movie you’ll enjoy watching and not want to leave. And maybe even a tear will fall at the end.

All this is colored by the great music of Hans Zimmer (he composed, among other things, the music for Dune or the Bond film No Time to Die, editor’s note) and the magic of the American forties. By the way, if you ever hear the song This Used To Be My Playground, it was written by singer Madonna for the movie and played during the end credits.

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