Sparta is also starting to conserve energy. The fans, who will be lost in the heated grandstand, will pay for it

3 hours ago, 17/09/2022 21:15
photo: AC Sparta Prague
Czech League

Sparta Prague also decided to set an example in the energy crisis, and allegedly due to the club’s responsible approach to this crisis, the opposite stand in the Leten stadium will not heat up at least until the end of the autumn season.

“We are not indifferent to the current situation. Therefore, we have decided that until the end of the fall, we will not use the heating in the opposite position, which uses natural gas as a source. The decision was not made for for economic reasons. As a club, we want to set an example in times of energy crisis and at the same time reduce consumption and dependence on energy resources,” the flight club said in an official statement on its website.

According to the press release of the Prague club, part of the strategy for the next cold and winter season is the responsible use of energy resources. According to the management, this will be applied not only to the operation of the facilities but also to the work regime of the employees.

“We realize that the heaters in the opposite stand have made the weather cooler during the games, but in these challenging times, each of us has to be modest about that. Therefore, we all take warmer clothes, club scarves and have a lot of fun throughout the match. In the stadium, we can also warm up, for example, hot tea, which is not missing from the refreshment menu,” the summer club told its fans.

However, the club is taking it to Twitter for this decision. Although there were some complimentary comments, most of them were negative or sarcastic. “It’s great that the Sparta players set an example here, they also save energy on the field…,” for example, a commenter with the account Non-objective journalist compares the current energy crisis to the crisis of flight staff and their performances. “I can’t eat it with a coal baron on your back,” added another commenter, referring to Daniel Křetínský and his company LEAG, which mined, for example, the Mines of Lusatia in Germany.

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