Stars in trouble. Aubameyang was beaten by robbers, Pogba was apparently being blackmailed by a gang

In recent days, stories have developed around the two football stars themselves, with police sirens flashing and also masked men holding automatic weapons or at least metal rods, which they are not reluctant to use.

The Aubameyang couple were attacked by unknown men this evening. And that in their house in Castelldefels, a town near Barcelona, ​​​​​​where, by the way, there is also a villa where Lionel Messi lived with his family for many years.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, a striker from Gabon, joined the Barcelona football team from Arsenal this winter, with Chelsea showing interest in him in recent weeks.

Tonight’s experience is likely to intensify the footballer’s thinking about a possible further change of workplace.

Intruders in the garden and next to the safe

According to the newspaper El País, at least four masked men entered the garden of his house an hour after midnight today and threatened the football player and his wife with guns and metal rods. Aubameyang was also beaten, according to police sources cited by the paper.

The criminals intimidated the couple until they broke into the safe and retrieved the jewelry inside. Subsequently, the intruders left the scene in a white Audi.

Famous and rich football players and their homes are often targets of thieves, but they usually come to steal at a time when the players are definitely not at home because they are playing a match. Such a series of thefts has particularly affected some Liverpool players in recent years.

Several soccer stars from South America, especially from Brazil, had to be kidnapped from a family member in their home country. And the criminals demanded a ransom. In 2012, for example, the brother of the attacker Hulk was kidnapped.

Another case of extortion. Starring Pogba

For the second time in a relatively short period of time, French football fans are concerned about a blackmail case involving members of their national team.

Karim Benzema, the striker of Real Madrid and the French national team, appealed last year against the suspended sentence he received for conspiring with his national team teammate Mathieu Valbuena. Benzema’s childhood friends were involved in blackmailing Valbuena over his private video of an erotic nature.

And it seems that blackmail is now the essence of another current event, the main character of which is Paul Pogba. A member of the 2018 World Cup squad moved from Manchester United to Juventus this year. Pogba has now issued a statement saying he surrendered to police after being the victim of threats and blackmail by an organized gang.

The whole story is more complicated because the two relatives seem to find themselves on opposite ends of the barricade.

The whole public affair was started by Pogba’s brother Mathias, who published a statement on social media promising “huge and explosive revelations” in relation to Paul Pogba and his manager Rafaela Pimento. After the death of super agent Mino Raiola, he headed his agency, which represented Pogba for many years.

A strange story about a wizard and Mbappé

The famous footballer responded to the statement of Mathias Pogba in a statement in which the named agent joined, as well as the mother of Paul and Mathias Pogba. This statement mentions the blackmail attempts and the fact that the entire matter has been handed over to the investigating authorities.

More tabloid papers in both France and Britain provided details of the alleged case history. Referring to police sources, they mentioned that Pogba should have told the investigators about the kidnapping of which he was supposed to be the victim in March of this year.

The gang allegedly took him to the Paris suburb of Lagny-sur-Marne, where Pogba grew up. And in some kind of apartment, his childhood friends and two masked men with them are supposed to hold him for some time, threaten him with weapons and extort 13 million euros from him.

According to this tabloid’s sources, Pogba told the police that he helped his relatives and acquaintances financially if he could as a professional footballer with a high income. But much is said to have changed when, in January, he evicted a man from his home who had abused his trust and taken €200,000 from his credit card without Pogba’s knowledge.

Pogba reportedly told investigators that he was being blackmailed into going public with a strange message. It means that Pogba asked a shaman to cast a spell on Kylian Mbappé, a teammate from the national team. However, Pogba denied ordering such a service from anyone.

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