The case of Disinfection also caught up with Berbra, he missed other people from the football leadership

In 2020, the leadership of the Football Association of the Czech Republic released almost 10 million crowns for the disinfection of football booths throughout the country. The revision and control commission of FAČR drew attention to the fact that the amount was insufficient and, moreover, it was paid without actually carrying out the work in the planned quantity.

A large part of the money was returned by Tymich to the accounts of the football association. Seznam Zpravy was the first to describe the entire case in detail.

The police took over the investigation in December 2020. And this week, it announced that it is prosecuting 6 individuals and 4 legal entities in connection with the Disinfection case. And that is because of fraud and the legalization of the proceeds of crime.

According to information from Seznam Zpráv, one of the alleged natural persons is Roman Berbr, the former vice-chairman of the association. He has been prosecuted since October 2020 for several corruption crimes and also for the crime of embezzlement.

After all, it also follows from the opinion issued today by the Football Association of the Czech Republic, which acts as the injured party in the case of Disinfection.

“To eliminate doubts, FAČR is also at liberty to confirm in connection with the case that the accusations in this case, in addition to the previously published II. The vice-chairman of FAČR have nothing to do with any of the current or former employees or FAČR official,” the FAČR statement stated.

Roman Berbr was the second vice-chairman of FAČR at the time the actions were taken.

We remind you that the whole case was triggered by the report of the Audit and Control Commission of FAČR, which was also very critical of the role played by Martin Malík, the then chairman of FAČR, in the whole case. Together with Berber, he signed the contract with the Tymich company, which was supposed to carry out disinfection work, on behalf of FAČR.

The commission’s report also criticized finance director Libor Kabelka for allowing the invoices to be paid. And also to Jan Leg, head of the legal department, for the level of the contract document drawn up.

Martin Malík, Libor Kabelka, and Jan Lego no longer work at FAČR, they gradually left before or after the election of the new leadership of the Football Association of the Czech Republic last summer.

As follows from today’s FAČR statement, none of those named, except for Roman Berber, are among the accused in the Disinfection case.

The names of the other accused are not known at this time.

In addition to Tymich’s company, money from FAČR in the Disinfection case also went through other channels, for example 4.74 million crowns to a cleaning company run by fitness trainer David Huf.

As irozhlas found out, four million crowns were received by the craftsman company Proparts group, owned by Pavel Simandl, and until November his cousin Petr Zádamský was also a partner in the company. Both were tried in the past in the case of the so-called Zádam gang. According to the indictment, members of the group blackmailed businessmen in Karlovy Vary, but they were not found guilty.

From the Proparts group, 2.42 million crowns should go to the account of the football club 1. FK Příbram.

“Have we been charged by the police now? I don’t know,” replied Jaroslav Starka, a long-time Příbram official, whose son Jan is the club’s current owner, when asked by Seznam Zpráv.

“You probably got the wrong number,” came the call from the phone, which Jiří Tymich listed as his contact person on his company’s website.

David Huf declined to comment on whether he was charged in the Disinfection case.

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