Patrik Auda (Jokohama – Japan), Ondřej Balvín (Prometheus – Ukraine), Jaromír Bohačík (Bamberg – Germany), Vojtěch Hruban (London Lions (Great Britain), David Jelínek (Murcia – Spain), James Karnik (Geneva-Switzerland), Vít Krejčí (Oklahoma City Thunder – NBA), Martin Kříž (Nymburk), Tomáš Kyzlink (Bamberg), Lukáš Palyza (Nymburk), Martin Peterka (Braunschweig – Germany), Viktor Půlpán (Brno), Tomáš Satoranský (Barcelona – Spain), Ondřej Sehnal (Braunschweig – Germany), Jan Veselý (Barcelona), Tomáš Vyoral (Pardubice).

Pardubice has also been the venue for European qualification matches, followed by match windows for the next world championship. The last time was at the beginning of July in Bosnia.

The moon meets the moon, and the eneria arena revives in the sport of long-distance runners. This time, the Czech basketball players will stay longer in the East. Three whole days. They will start with the preparatory tournament before EuroBasket called CZ BASKETBAL Cup.

In addition to them, the Bulgarians and Croatians will also test their form. He games the system against everyone. Coach Ginzburg’s wards will play against an old friend today. After all, they ran into Bulgaria in the last two qualifiers. The last time was in February and it took a lot to beat the weaker country. It should be remembered that Czech composition resembles sheet music for a drum. Not in quantity, but in quality.

Considering that the European summit is getting closer and closer, it can be expected that the lineups of all the participants will be bursting at the seams…

“We will play with a composition that will crystallize the twelve players representing the Czech Republic at the home championship,” explained national team manager Michal Šob.

CZ BASKETBALL CUP tournament program: Czech Republic – Bulgaria (today 17:30), Croatia – Bulgaria (Saturday 17:30), Czech Republic – Croatia (Sunday 17:30). All enteria arenas.