The Court of Appeal overturned the verdict against Pelta and Kratochvílova in the sports subsidies case


Updated 1/9/2022 2:34 pm

The High Court in Prague overturned the judgment against the former president of the Football Association of the Czech Republic, Miroslav Pelta, and the former deputy of the Ministry of Education, Simona Kratochvílova, in the case of sports subsidies. The case will have to be heard again by the Municipal Court in Prague. In November, the court illegally jailed Pelta for six years for manipulating subsidies, and sentenced Kratochvílova to 6.5 years.

In the case, the president of the Czech Sports Union (ČUS) Miroslav Jansta, the secretary of the union Jan Boháč, the former director of the ministerial department of sport Zdeněk Bříza, as well as ČUS and the FAČR, are facing too. perfect In November, the municipal court acquitted them without jurisdiction.

“Today, the Supreme Court in Prague returned the case of the accused Pelta and spol. for a new trial, as there were also acquittals in the case,” prosecutors said. State representative Ondřej Trčka later said in a press release that the high court procedure corresponds to the appeal proposal he filed. “The public prosecutor proposed the cancellation of the acquittal statements and also the cancellation of the condemnation statement, with the provision that it should contain stricter legal qualifications,” Trčka said.

He added that in the case of annulment of the guilty verdict, the appellate court always annuls the entire verdict, as well as other verdicts based on the guilty verdict. “It must also be said that in the case of acquittal by the court of first instance, the appellate court itself cannot find the defendants guilty of the act for which they were acquitted by the challenged verdict,” added the plaintiff.

Czech Television highlighted the cancellation of the decision. Supreme Court spokeswoman Simona Heranová did not provide further information about the decision. “I can confirm that yesterday a decision was made on all the appeals filed against the verdict of the court of first instance in this case. However, the decision was made in a closed session, therefore we will not share more detailed information about in its content until the parties become familiar with criminal proceedings,” said Heranová.

According to the municipal court’s decision last year, which has now been overturned by the appeals court, Pelta used his personal acquaintance with Kratochvílova, the deputy for the management of the sports section, and influenced her, especially in their meeting in an apartment in the center. of Prague, to subsidize specific applicants. Among other things, he presented her with a list of desired requests.

Kratochvílová then acted with the knowledge that she would unreasonably prejudice the other applicants. According to the verdict, they favored 18 applicants in this way and wanted to cause damage of at least 175.8 million crowns. According to the verdict, Kratochvílová attempted to abuse her authority, violate her duty to manage other people’s property, and gain an advantage in the awarding of a public contract. According to the municipal court, Pelta led him in these activities.

The indictment also alleges that Kratochvílová influenced the amount of subsidies in 2017 in favor of Pelt’s football association and Janst’s sports union and that she provided information to the men. According to the state attorney’s office, the woman got an increase in state aid of 19.8 million crowns at the expense of other applicants, and the sports union of 11.5 million crowns. However, the municipal court acquitted all defendants in this regard, including Pelta and Kratochvílova.

Education Minister Kateřina Valachová (ČSSD) resigned earlier because of the case. Also involved in the case are Kratochvílova and Pelta, who resigned from his post at the football association after being jailed.

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