The Czech boys took silver in the EC after one match, Kadlecová in the stars

Czech junior basketball players lost to Spain 42:47 in the final of the European Championship in Sopron. The most successful team in the history of the European Under-20 Championships handed them their first defeat of the tournament and claimed their ninth title. The Czech women’s representative won their first medal since bronze in 2004.

The best Czech shooter in the championship, Valentýna Kadlecová, made it to the All Star team.

Coach Romana Ptáčková’s wards got the precious metal in Friday’s semi-final victory over France, which they beat 65:63 after a great fight.

After six wins, they also started well in the final, and after a triple by Zeithammer and a basket by Malík, they led 5:0. The Spaniards didn’t make the first basket until the sixth minute, when Rueda made a free throw.

As in the previous matches, the Czech players showed good defense, but they did not succeed in attack. They aren’t converting drives or hitting shots. They lost in the first quarter 10:12 and in the second ten minute period they only gave up four points.

In the opening half, they converted only six of 34 shots from the field. Opponents with a balance of 8/31 have not fared much better. However, they were held by their leading scorer, Alarcón, who scored 10 points in 20 minutes.

The Czech junior women won silver at the under-20 European Championships

The Czech junior women won silver at the under-20 European Championships

The Czech team entered the second half with an early basket by Kadlecová, and in the 25th minute, Zeithammerová reduced the score to 24:26 with two quick runs. The third quarter ended in a tie 14:14, and the representatives still did not reduce the deficit.

They only succeeded at the very end of the match, when Kadlecová was off the scoreboard, when she fouled out in the 35th minute. With less than two minutes to go, Paur brought the score down to 41:42, then made it 42:45 with a free throw, but the Spaniards had the better of the tense finish.

In the end, the best Czech scorer in the final was the seventeen-year-old Paurová, the youngest member of the team scored 13 points. Zeithammer scored ten points.

The Czech juniors played in the final for the third time and repeated the silver medal from 2000. Two years later they managed to win.


Homemade: Kadlecová, Malíková, Pokorná, Vydrová, Zeithammerová, Brejchová, Ceralová, Fučíková, Hibalová, Paurová, Vejvodová, Vlčková.

the visitors: Dembele, Lamana, Rueda, Contell, De Santiago, Buenavida, Garfella, Alarcon, Langarita, Capel, Djiu.


Zaščuk (UKR), Ivanović (SRB), Borusas (LUT)


Novomatic Arena, Soproň

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