The Germans are launching the Bundesliga Common Ground project. The goal is not only the revitalization of playgrounds around the world

15 days ago, 03/09/2022 09:25
photo: Twitter Bundesliga


The German Football League has launched the “Bundesliga Common Ground” project, which works with local partners and communities to organize and revitalize football pitches around the world to offer more young people the chance to play and enjoy football .

Work has already begun, and in recent weeks, for example, pitches in Lagos (Nigeria), Mexico City (Mexico) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) have been unveiled. Bundesliga legends Jay-Jay Okocha, Pável Pardo, Paulo Sérgio and Zé Roberto also attended the grand opening of the new football ground, helping launch the initiative in their home countries. During the 2022-2023 season, additional pitches will be rebuilt in Germany, Argentina, Poland, the USA and Southeast Asia.

The aim of the project is to create a tangible contact point that is freely accessible to the Bundesliga fan base within the local communities and for the pitch to serve as a local platform for community events and future events of the Bundesliga and their partners, such as football tournaments, coaching sessions and more. All this aims to inspire young people to be active and love sports.

“The Bundesliga is recognized worldwide for its unique football culture and youth development. The Bundesliga Common Ground brings together both aspects in locations around the world and on these pitches we aim to continue to attract new fans and spread even more interest in the Bundesliga. This is where so many of our stars of the past and present started: as children playing with their friends every day. This is why we want to support global development of football at a local level, building spaces where communities can come together and where everyone can enjoy the game.” Peer Naubert, marketing director of international relations of the Bundesliga, commented on the meaning of the project.

“Football is about friendship, about community. Every professional footballer who has made it to the top has a story about how they first fell in love with the game as a child and emulated the skills of their heroes. The This playground has created a safe space for the next generation to do so and help serve the local people for years to come. Jay-Jay Okocha, former Eintracht Frankfurt star, was also added to He himself helped open one such playground in Lagos, his native Nigeria.

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