The MOL CUP reports a sensation that is already in its second round. Pardubice finished, Teplice is also close

yesterday, 15/09/2022 07:14
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photo: FK Pardubice
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The early evening of Wednesday offered a large portion of the matches of the second round of the Czech MOL Cup. The focus is mainly on the major leaguers and their potential stumbles, which in one case actually happened. Pardubice lost spectacularly at the Velvar ground, and Teplice almost lost.

The East Bohemian club could not beat Velvary and in the end the game was decided by a single goal scored by Kott at the end of the first half. Teplice also struggled, only succeeding in overtime against Viktoria Žižkov. The visitors took the lead from the end of the game after Žák’s converted penalty, but Botioja equalized after a change of sides. Vachoušek’s goal in extra time was the deciding factor.

Zbrojovka Brno had no problem knocking out Rosic and celebrated a 4-0 win after goals from Nečas, Blecha and Rogožan. The match between Motorlet Praha and Jablonec also ended with the same result. The North Bohemian club celebrates promotion thanks to the goals of Chrmosta, Cools and Martinec.

Liberec beat Rokycany. Gebre Sellassie scored twice in the first half, but Glazer managed to reduce the score. Slovan added three more hits from Fukala, Varfolomejev and Rabušice after switching sides. Zlín managed to beat Start Brno and after the goals of Janetzký, Dramé and Silné, they also celebrate a smooth progress.

MOL Cup – 2nd round:

Velvary – FK Pardubice 1:0 (1:0)
Purpose: 44. Kott.

Rosice – Zbrojovka Brno 0:4 (0:2)
The objectives: 31. and 63. Nečas, 24. Blecha, 70. Rogožan.

Rokycany – Slovan Liberec 1:5 (1:3)
The objectives: 41. Glazer – 5. and 15. Gebre Selassie, 35. Fukala, 51. Varfolomeyev, 89. Rabušic.

Viktoria Žižkov – FK Teplice 1:2 after extra time. (1:1, 0:1)
The objectives: 49. Batioja – 4. Žák z pen., 101. Vachoušek.

Motorlet Prague – FK Jablonec 0:4 (0:2)
The objectives: 57. and 77. from the pen. Chrosta, 17. Cools, 45. Martinec.

Start Brno – Trinity Zlín 0:3 (0:3)
The objectives: 9. Janetzký, 27. Drame z pen., 36. Silný. ČK: 53. Hlinka (Zlín).

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