The tournament is coming up. Kara gets Gaisler, buffet fans can expect and other news


Two weeks before the start of the new season of the Women’s Basketball League, Kara Trutnov finished the team. Michaela Gaislerová, a twenty-four-year-old student from Trutnov (180 cm, in the photo on the left), who last worked abroad, spending five years at a university in the USA, became another reinforcement .

They will be introduced to the audience for the first time, as well as the newly arrived American players Kassidy Malcolm and Whisper Fisher, at the international tournament O cup in the city of Trutnova on September 22 – 24. In addition to the home team Kara, the th The 22nd edition will be attended by a trio of EuroCup Women participants Žabiny Brno, Poland’s Gorzów and Slovakia’s Slávia Banská Bystrica. On Friday, September 30 at 6:30 pm, Trutnov will open the new season with a home match against ZVVZ USK Praha. Viewers can look forward to some new things. Fans can look forward to a new buffet and competitions.

The new composition of the implementation team includes head coach Tomáš Veselý, fitness trainer Pavel Prokeš and physiotherapist Markéta Skřivanová. “Our clear goal is to make up for last year’s unsuccessful season. The return of the reputation, respect and especially of the fans to our matches is what we seek,” stressed Trutnov team manager Michal Martišek , who described the situation to the team in the following interview.

Who was the last current reinforcement to complete Kara Trutnov’s squad?
After all, the last reinforcement is a Czech player, although it seems that for a long time we will have to have up to four foreign players. This is Michaela Gaislerová, for whom Trutnov is definitely not an unfamiliar environment.

Michaela Gasleirová is a student of Trutnov. Are you more excited for him to play here again?
Of course, we were interested in him already in the summer, but he received an interesting offer from the highest German competition, so we have to continue building the team without him. After the two initial matches, we knew that we had to increase the team in the position of a higher wing, also due to the fact that both American reinforcements would be more under-the-basket players. During a consultation with an agent about an American player, he suddenly mentioned that, by chance, Míša Gaislerová might be available. After that, things moved very quickly and we had an agreement in less than 48 hours. I’m very happy about that because I know his hard work and I think he’s a good fit for the team we put together last summer.

Can you summarize the comings and goings of players and the news on the enforcement team?
I will start to leave. In addition to all the foreign players, Anna Rylichová, who continues in Italy, Michaela Potočková, Tereza Králová and, of course, Kateřina Hindráková, who ended her career for the third time and definitively, left the team. New players to be introduced next season are Nikola Šafránková, Kassidy Malcolm, Whisper Fisher, Raina Tomašicka and Michaela Gaislerová. I am very happy that we finally agreed on the continuation of Kateřina Kozumplíková, and there are also young players who, however, already have enough experience in the ŽBL – Markéta Šmahelová, Aneta Finková, Adéla Vítová, Veronika Borsová, Eliška Linhartová and Alžběta Seifrtová.

There have also been changes in the implementation team, which will be led by Tomáš Veselý from the position of head coach and now has available fitness coach Pavel Prokeš and physiotherapist Markéta Skřivanová.

When will the American players come to Trutnov and when will they be introduced to the Trutnov audience for the first time?
They will arrive on Monday, September 19 and will be available at the O cup tournament of the city of Trutnov, which will take place from Thursday, September 22 to Saturday, September 24.

The contest has four contestants from three countries. Is the intention to have a confrontation with rivals from other countries?
We are very happy that we have again managed to attract three teams starting from the EuroCup. I must admit that after last year we are seriously considering whether such a high quality cast is important for us. But our ambitions are higher this year, so I consider the tournament a good opportunity to face high-quality teams from different countries.

The new league season starts in two weeks. What ambitions does Trutnov have here?
Definitely made up for last year’s unsuccessful season. The main goal is to advance to the playoffs, preferably from places that will guarantee us to avoid the two best teams – USK and Žabiná, who will probably dominate the league this year. Another, less important goal is to return reputation, respect and, above all, fans to our matches.

How was the team prepared?
Although the summer was classically a bit chaotic and the team gradually came together, you can see a piece of good and honest work. The new coach brought the necessary force, the new players the necessary competition. We also have two preliminary matches behind us. Although we did not have a complete lineup and played against an opponent (Jelenia Góra) that did not have the quality of ŽBL teams, even here we could see that the team had good energy and was striving for fast and aggressive basketball, which Trutnov is known and where we are noticeably absent for two seasons. I believe that even thanks to healthy competition in the team, performance will increase.

Do you have any news for the fans?
Yes, quite a lot. We believe above all in the improved performance of our team. Fans can look forward to the new buffet, which should be open for the first two days of the tournament. We are also preparing a half-time shooting competition for interesting prizes from our partners. The last game of last season clearly showed us that there are fans in Trutnov and that they care about basketball. We will do our best to ensure that they regularly attend our matches in similar and larger numbers.

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