In the Moravian-Silesian region, the winners will compete in the national competition from 2019. In their group, Czech representative Arrows will face L&D Amsterdam (Netherlands), Bonn Capitals (Germany) and Parma ASD (Italy).

“The Dutch and Italians are the best in the European club scene, but we will try to get through the group. We expect great opponents, another good experience for everyone,” said Jakub Kubica, Czech national team player and player of Arrows.

Formerly successful basketball player and later legendary coach Zdeněk Hummel.  Photo during contact with NH Ostrava.

The Hummel legend of the Olympic fairy tale: A foreign coach? I didn’t believe it. The will decided

“We were supposed to hold the first Champions Cup in Ostrava a year ago, but the European Baseball Confederation (CEB) postponed the tournament due to the global pandemic,” explained Radim Kepák, president of Arrows Ostrava.

To date, the best results of Czech baseball players in the Champions Cup are the two third places of the Brno Dragons from 1998 and 2004. Brno was also the last time one of the Champions Cup groups was played on the territory of the Czech Republic (2014).

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