Veselý ended Satoransky’s reign and became basketball player of the year after five years

Update: 08/06/2022 20:56
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Mariánské Lázně – Pivot Jan Veselý has been the best basketball player in the past 2021/22 season. The 32-year-old representative, who after his contract with Fenerbahce Istanbul will work at Barcelona from next year, has dethroned his future club-mate Tomáš Satoranský after five years. Among the women, Julia Reisinger won for the first time. The 24-year-old Girona center replaced Kateřina Elhotová on the throne, who ended her career last year.

Veselý, a native of Ostrava, won the prestigious poll for the fourth time and for the first time since 2017. He equaled František Konvička, Zdenek Kos and Jan Svoboda in the historical ranking. Three victories separate him from the outright record holder and second Satoransky this year.

“I must say that I did not expect it. It was a surprise for me. After all, Saty (Tomáš Satoranský) played in the best league in the world and we could not expect that someone from the Euroleague could replace him. Although he may not have had the best of his eyes that season, he is still in the best league in the world and that is an achievement,” Veselý told reporters after the announcement.

The former player of Partizan Belgrade, Washington or Denver also got the award for the last season at Fenerbahce. In the jersey of the Turkish team, he won the championship title for the fourth time and was named the most valuable player of the last series. Together with Satoranský, he extended the joint rule – after the renewal of the poll in 2012, no one else reached the Czech throne. The third place this year was taken by Vít Krejčí, who completed his first NBA season in the jersey of Oklahoma.

“I believe that Víťa will replace us one day. I think even Saty said before that it always alternates between the two of us. So we hope that someone will replace us at the right time,” added Veselý.

Among the women, national team pivot Reisingerová won the poll for the first time, beating Veronika Voráčková and Tereza Vyoralová from USK Prague. He helped Girona reach the quarter-finals of the Europa League and is one of the mainstays of the national team. Last season, he finished second in the poll.

“When they told me that Vory (Voráčková) was also going here, I thought that he could win it. He had a great season, he was getting more opportunities at USK Prague and he asserted himself. I didn’t come as a clear winner, but of course I’m happy. I’m glad it turned out like this. It’s great that, in addition to the results, we will also receive an award for a year’s worth of work,” said Reisingerová.

The biggest talents are Richard Bálint from Brno and the junior European under-20 vice-champion Valentýna Kadlecová from Chomutov. The coach of the year was awarded to Ronen Ginzburg, the coach of the national men’s team, and Jan Dvořáček became the best youth coach. Matěj Snopek and Kateřina Galičková won the 3×3 category.

Eight new members were elected to the Hall of Fame of the Czech Basketball Federation: Olga Fikotová, Zdeněk Böhm, Vlastimil Havlík, Vlastibor Klimeš, Zdeněk Kos, Pavel Petera, Vojtěch Petr and Jaroslav Skála. Zdeněk Švec received the ČBF Chairman’s Award.

Basketball Player of the Year poll results for the 2021/22 season

The best basketball player: 1. Jan Veselý (Fenerbahce Istanbul/Tur.), 2. Tomáš Satoranský (Washington Wizards/NBA), 3. Vít Krejčí (Oklahoma Thunder/NBA).

The best basketball player: 1. Julia Reisingerová (Girona/Šp.), 2. Veronika Voráčková, 3. Tereza Vyoralová (both USK Prague).

Best professional basketball coach: Ronen Ginzburg (men’s national team).

The best youth coach: Jan Dvořáček.

Best young player: Richard Bálint (Brno).

Best young player: Valentýna Kadlecová (Chomutov).

Best 3×3 player: Matěj Snopek.

The best 3×3 player: Kateřina Galičková.

Best young 3×3 player: Martin Svoboda.

Best young 3×3 player: Anna Rosecká.

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