VIDEO: Police chase football fans in the center of České Budějovice | News | Budějská Drbna

South Bohemian police officers dealt with several incidents in connection with yesterday’s football match in České Budějovice. There are supporters of the home team Dynamo and visiting Pilsen. A helicopter also monitors events on the streets.

After the recent arrival of Sparta fans, South Bohemian police officers had to take to the streets again. České Budějovice visited Viktoria Plzeň and hundreds of visiting fans came with it. It was not without incident.

“During the Dynamo – Pilsen match in České Budějovice, the police dealt with several incidents with fans,” informed the police spokesperson Jiří Matzner.

One of them took place in Náměstí Přemysl Otakar II. near the stadium. “The local people wanted to fight in the middle, the police did not allow it. When leaving, the guests were again annoyed with “Vatík”. Everything is managed in the end,” the spokesperson added. The helicopter, monitoring the events on the streets, then returned to Prague. “Vatík” is a restaurant located on the route between the football stadium and the train and bus stations.

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This weekend was busy in the regional capital. In addition to football, České Budějovice also hosts the Země živitetelka agrosalon and the City to the People, People to the City festival. Even on Sundays, visitors to the city have to expect busy traffic.

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