We were under pressure with a penalty and we couldn’t stop the finish

32 minutes ago, 17/09/2022 18:52
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Czech League


Liberec coach Luboš Kozel gave a conciliatory assessment of the home loss against Mlada Boleslaví. According to him, the progress of the match was mainly influenced by Jan Šeda’s foul from the first half and the penalty from the second, which was ordered against his team.

“I think there were two decisive moments. A foul on Matoušek, which was only judged as a yellow card, and then, of course, the penalty that brought Boleslav back into the game. From that moment they were better on the pitch and then they also managed to score a good winning goal.” Kozel reviewed the lost match with Mlada Boleslaví for television.

“We knew that today would not be easy. We were missing some players and the line-up was, I would say, a bit unconventional. Of course it took us ten minutes. Then the half was equal, even though Boleslav was probably that over the ball. But as I say, the match was spoiled by the situation. That match had little progress, and instead of going to some advantage, or even a two-goal lead, we put put ourselves under pressure in that penalty, and we just couldn’t stop it at the end.” added the Liberec coach later when looking for reasons for the home defeat against Středočechy.

However, the Slovan coach did not comment on Jan Šeda’s foul on Matoušek, which Kozel considered important. “I haven’t seen it yet. As I was told, it wasn’t even that the ball went into the side, but the save was completely without the ball, which the goalkeeper knew too late. It’s up to you again. I don’t want to- rate it now.” he said stubbornly.

Against Boleslav, Kozlov did not even make a single substitution when the Central Bohemians began to press Liberec. “Like I said, we are missing players. We don’t have flashlights right now to get up and help ourselves here.” the Liberec helmsman knew that against a ready Boleslav, his wards got the short end of the stick.

And how is Liberec preparing for the international break? “I know that many players will leave, so this week will be unusual. And then we have Slavia, so we will prepare for Slavia,” said the Liberec coach at the end with a goofy smile.

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