Which shooters saw the start of the season in great shooting form?

22 hours ago, 16/09/2022 19:27
Jakub Šafka/sportskeeda.com
photo: FC Barcelona

Having a good scorer in the team is a differentiating factor for any club compared to the competition. Finding a top-class striker is not easy, it often requires a lot of financial effort, but when the result comes, all parties involved are happy. However, today’s concept of forwards is not only about scoring goals, but also about the ability to handle the ball and bring your teammates into opportunities. With the participation of Sportskeeda, we take a look at those who started the new season in great form…

5) Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur)

Harry Kane’s presence in the London Roosters squad is of unquestionable importance, although in recent years there have been increasing reports that he could change club colours. The captain of the England national team is one of the most complex strikers of his generation.

This season too, Kane was in good form and, at the age of twenty-nine, started the next Premier League season with five goals in six games. However, he does not stick to the end at all costs and can also retreat to help his teammates.

Photo: instagram.com/spursofficial

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