Five of the nine female candidates are directly connected to parties or movements across the country. Voters will find candidates for KSČM, ODS, ANO, TOP 09 + KDU – ČSL or SPD in the envelope. Then the candidate of the former mayor Pavle Fojtík joins the STAN movement, appearing for the umpteenth time under the banner Change for Nymburk.

The other three lists are regional associations. Although in the case of the candidate named Jistota a vedúčas led by former governor Miloš Petera, it is to a large extent a former ČSSD candidate, whom the party no longer wants to recognize after the failure in the parliamentary elections.

Two favorites

According to the results of the previous elections, the two largest local associations should also be favorites this year. The victory will be defended calmly by the Nymburk candidate, who has the current mayor Tomáš Mach and both deputy mayors Bořek Černý and Stanislav Tichou in the first three places. In their list, however, we can also find the famous trainer and lecturer from the Center for All Martina Kučerová or the poet, journalist and lyricist Jiří Teper.

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Their challenger should be the opposition Nymburk Democrats led by architect Jan Ritter Jr. For the election, they joined forces with the Pirates and the Zdravý Nymburk movement. In the last place of their list of candidates we also find the Czech Lions awarded film architect Jan Vlasák.

black horse

Among the favorites of the elections, we can also designate the Change for Nymburk of the former mayor Pavel Fojtík. Candidates for him are, for example, the director of Thermoservis and musician Marek Michl or the director of ZŠ Komenského Tomáš Danzer.

On the contrary, the Nymburk ODS is quite surprisingly opposed to the national trend and refuses to cooperate with the parties with which it currently governs at the national level. In addition to the leader and current councilor Zdeňko Vocásk, he has, for example, basketball star Ladislav Sokolovský on his list of candidates. Even after the election, he wanted to work with the Nymburk movement calmly.

Municipal and Senate elections will be held on September 23 and 24, 2022.

Municipal elections 2022: Deadline, how to vote and not make mistakes, candidates, tickets

The ANO movement, led by former deputy mayor Adriena Gabrielová, could tip the balance. It previously cooperated with the current opposition. Only the voters will decide what his position will be after this year’s election. The movement has Jaroslav Štencel in second place, known by the locals from the past years mainly as an activist against the smell that spreads from the Azos company.

The TOP 09 candidate with Lidovci, headed by the former director of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes (ÚSTR) Zdeněk Hazdra, could be surprised. In the position of a dark horse and difficult to predict the results, Peter’s movement Certainty and the Future will also enter the election.

On the contrary, the victory of two parties from the edge of the political spectrum, ie the Communists and the SPD, can be considered a sensation.

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