You can’t prepare for Lewandowski. I will speak English with the Italian coach in the national team

4 hours ago, 17/09/2022 19:49
photo: FC Viktoria Plzeň

Slovakian goalkeeper Matúš Kozáčik has experienced great moments in Czech football. The biggest achievement for him was undoubtedly his time in the Champions League, taken by Pilsen. Although he still works as a goalkeeper coach in Pilsen, he has taken on additional work. He accepted the offer and became a member of the implementation team of the Slovak national team. And now he gave an interview to the Slovak server Š

It was Viktoria Plzeň, for whom Kozáčik had a good chance, who now repeats his greatest achievements – won the sixth championship title and advanced to the main stage of the Champions League.

“It’s a big success because it’s not very standard. We can see for ourselves what clubs are in the group stage of the Champions League, and Pilsen usually stands out because it’s probably the smallest club to get there.” said the 38-year-old former goalkeeper. “From this point, it is a big victory for the whole club, the fans and certainly Czech football. At the same time, it was not easy, because Viktoria had a difficult journey with difficult matches to reach the group , and when it finally succeeded, it was very important.” the native of Dolné Kubín believes.

“Of course, the season before was also supported to possibly win the championship, because without the preliminary rounds they would not have played. It’s also a huge success, because our competition is also big clubs like Sparta, Slavia Prague and others, with whom we play, so it’s even more important.” Goalkeeper coach Michala Bílek was delighted.

“I stayed with what I always enjoyed, so it obviously fulfills me and makes me happy, because this way I can stay not only in Pilsen, but also in football. I’m doing what I’ve done all my life and it’s easier for me. In addition, this way I can also pass on my experience,” explained Kozáčik for the Slovak sports server.

How to prepare goalkeepers for stars like Lewandowski?

However, it is important to admit that after the draw at the end of August, which assigned football giants such as Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​Bayern Munich and Inter Milan to Pilsen in Group C, nothing easy awaits Matúš Kozáčik. As a goalkeeper coach, he has to prepare his wards for aces such as Robert Lewandowski, Ousmane Dembélé, Ferran Torres, Leroy Sané, Sadio Mané, Thomas Müller, Edin Džeko or Lautaro Martínez. “It’s very difficult to prepare for something like this. They also beat us by a higher margin and there’s a lot of quality in that team.” the former goalkeeper mentioned Pilsen’s 5:1 loss to Barcelona, ​​​​​​where Lewandowski scored a hat trick.

“It is also necessary to mention that Jindra Staněk was able to seize many more chances for them, so he showed himself in a good light against the stars of Barca. This is another important experience for him that can push him to better performances.” praised Viktoria’s goalkeeper.

Kozáčik himself is not only dedicated to his work in the West Bohemian club, but is also a member of the Slovak national team. The 53-year-old Italian coach Francesco Clzona chose the former West Bohemia goalkeeper as a collaborator in his enforcement team. “I entered it because I wanted to try it,” admitted the former twenty-nine-time Slovakian representative, who made the final decision only after consulting the Slovakian national team’s current goalkeeping coach, Seman.

“When he told me that he recommended it, I didn’t think twice. I am very happy because it is a national team and there are other big challenges. I also get to work with our best players and, in my case, the goalkeeper.” Kozáčik expected this.

He was also drawn to the collaboration with Francesco Calzone: “I will enrich myself with the new experience that coach Calzona and his team have gained during his career. I will talk to Francesco closer to the time of the national team meeting.” added the former number one of the Slovak national team. And how do you negotiate with the foreign language implementation team? “We will talk in English. I don’t think it will be a problem at all,” he was not worried together.

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